Final UG Recital

It seems to me that summer is not only time to enjoy some sunshine and learn new repertoire perhaps within a more relaxed practice schedule, but it is also time for some reflection.

Every summer (and spring, autumn or winter) is special and memorable in some way – most often because of a personal event, sometimes because of world news like Micheal Phelps winning his 23th Olympic gold medal, but you will agree, there is always something.

For me, summer 2016 marks the end of my undergraduate studies. Despite the fact I am continuing my studies at a postgraduate level, it certainly feels like quite a significant chapter of my life in the educational system has concluded. And it did so with probably the most important and nerve-wracking hour of these four years – my final undergraduate recital at the RNCM. As one can imagine a lot of preparation, thought, hopes and expectations go towards it, so naturally, it is a highlight from my time here so far.

The programme was quite a challenge to put together, but I feel very proud of myself to have done it and feel blessed and endlessly thankful to have received so much support from my teacher, family and friends throughout this journey. The recital consisted of mostly contemporary music (Roger Sessions, Martin Butler, Thomas Adès and Ferruccio Busoni), which, to be fair, I would have never expected myself to do or even wish to do four years ago. But all of the pieces have grown very dear to my heart, so I am definitely looking forward to performing them again in near future!

with my teacher Peter Lawson; © Chiahu Lee
some of my dearest friends (and mum) I am so lucky to have!

However, as I said, summer is also time to learn new repertoire – various exciting things coming up soon! Stay tuned..

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